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March 27, 2011

Freshly inked.

I’ve been planning this tattoo for quite a while, and although it isn’t my first tattoo, it takes up the most real estate. My other tattoos are small and simple, but this time I wanted something to show off my creative side. I wanted something artistic and beautiful, yet simple. I wanted something that was black and used negative space. And I wanted it to look hand-drawn, yet intricate. After asking around a bit, one of my friends hooked me up with Chase from Brave New World Tattoo in Denver, a great shop that does custom tattoo work. I sent him the basics of what I was looking for along with this image.


A small deposit and a few days later and Chase had sent me his sketch.

I fell in love immediately. I even printed it out and taped it on my arm. There was no turning back. We set up an appointment, and yesterday afternoon I got it done. It was pretty painless and only took about an hour to do. From the second we started, I couldn’t stop looking at it. And I still can’t.

On the surface, the reason for this tattoo is simple: I have always loved antique skeleton keys. As a kid I would ask my mom to take me to antique stores and I would always hunt through all the drawers looking for keys. I love their intricate design. The mystery behind them. The desire to know what they could unlock.

But the meaning behind my key and its placement goes beyond a love for skeleton keys. As a designer, the key to my livelihood is my right arm. It’s why I have a job, what allows me to do what I love, and all that I need to trust. Like the skeleton keys I used to hunt for, there is still a mystery behind what could be unlocked.